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Susan Fontain
Armona, CA USA

I been a customer for several years now. I would just like to say how much I appreciate Flux Services. Your hosting packages are fantastic, with great prices and payment plans. I have never experienced such great support as I have with your support team.

Thanks for all you do.

Scott Ayon
Oracle, AZ USA

Anything of value is worth every effort! This company is Top-Shelf. I especially want to Thank David & Kevin for their exceptional professional manner! The service industry is not easy and it takes have Good People skills which these to have and then some.

I would highly recommend, and will, linxshost.com to anyone that asks! Keep up the Good Work!

Your The Best!


Cleethorpes, United Kingdom

The customer support here is amazing. Im not even a customer yet (will be shortly now) and I still received instant and helpful customer support for all of my questions.

Glenn Wagner
Las Vegas, NV USA

Those that know the importance of customer service will be blown away, like me. Hats off to you guys!